Offset Printing

Hitchcock Press offers the normal range of services associated with offset commercial printers but with emphasis on personalized service and attention to detail.


Letterpress Printing

Hitchcock Press has the reputation of being among the finest letterpress printers around. Our Fine Letterpress Printing capabilities provide our discerning customers outstanding letterpress craftsmanship. We letterpress business cards, stationery, invitations letterheads, name cards, greeting cards, swatch books and many other items; we customize and craft superb letterpress printed wedding invitations. We partner with some of the best designers around to produce elegant letterpress wedding invitations, some combining offset with letterpress to achieve a unique effect.



Our modern prepress department allows us to process computer files supplied to us by some of the finest designers in North America and abroad.


Letterpress Equipment

Our credentials as letterpress printers are impeccable; made possible by the skill and craftsmanship of our letterpress printers and by owning the finest letterpress equipment available. Among our letterpresses are an 18"x28" Vandercook Universal III, a 10"x15" Heidelberg Platen automatic, and our flagship, showcase quality 18"x23" Heidelberg KSBA cylinder letterpress; "the Rolls Royce of letterpresses".

While most letterpress printers use photopolymer plates, many with excellent results, we use 11 gauge magnesium plates exclusively because of the extra crispness they provide. Additionally we use a magnesium honeycomb base to mount them on. The improved plate stability and precision are significant factors in achieving a superior impression.

Under the personal supervision of owner J. Guy Gaulin, whose passion for the letterpress craft and his devotion to letterpress craftsmanship spans over half a century, Hitchcock Press is among the leaders of letterpress printers. Attention to detail dominates. Craftsmanship prevails...and the results show it.


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