Hitchcock Press Launches New Line of Letterpressed Limited Edition Prints

NEWS RELEASE: Hitchcock Press Launches New Line of Letterpressed Limited Edition Prints

Contact: Deanna Gaulin

Holyoke, Massachusetts – December 20, 2006 – Hitchcock Press Inc. of Holyoke Massachusetts, a leader among offset and letterpress printers and noted for its innovative solutions, announces the launching of a line of distinctive letterpressed limited edition prints. The prints were designed by award winning owner and artist J. Guy Gaulin who began his long Graphic Arts career as a letterpress printer when the craft flourished. Passion for his work and his unwavering dedication to craftsmanship have earned him the respect of his peers. Computer age technologies have enabled letterpress printers to combine those technologies with their age old craft and create exciting new works. These letterpressed limited edition prints are an example of this novel art. They will be produced by Hitchcock Press on its premises under Gaulin’s direct supervision. They will be available in upscale stores and on hitchcockpress.com.

Two 125 signed and numbered prints have been produced so far. The first is a 7” x 10” print of the elegant sailboat “Extraordinary” letterpressed in black and three values of gray ink; the second is a 10” x 13” print of Nantucket’s Brant Point Lighthouse letterpressed in black and four values of gray ink. Both were imaged by Gaulin while sailing in 2005. The printing was done by Guy on a Vandercook Universal III cylinder letterpress using magnesium plates.

When offset lithography replaced letterpress printing as the common method of reproduction in the 1950’s only a limited number of dedicated letterpress printers carried on successfully in their letterpress craft. Practiced mostly in small shops, letterpress printing became a niche where announcements, invitations, stationery, greeting cards, limited edition prints and books, and a few other items were produced in small quantities. Those persevering and innovative letterpress printers methodically and meticulously crafted their work through those long years. Those letterpress printers and the enlightened buyers who acquired their work are largely responsible for the preservation of letterpress printing.

J. Guy Gaulin’s unique art and superb craftsmanship has earned Hitchcock Press leadership standing among letterpress printers. Much of the successful art produced by letterpress printing is specifically designed for letterpress. The impression left on paper by letterpress printing becomes part of the art rather than merely its reproduction. These limited edition prints showcase the unique beauty that only letterpress, and no other printing method, is capable of achieving. This quality can be felt as well as seen. It is a good example of “The Art of Letterpress Printing”.

This new line of letterpressed limited edition prints is aimed at the market created by the renaissance of letterpress printing. The prints will be sold in upscale stores as well as the company’s web site, www.hitchcockpress.com