Hitchcock Press Launches Line of Letterpress Printed Note Cards.
Holyoke, Massachusetts- September 24, 2005-Hitchcock Press Inc. of Holyoke, Massachusetts, one of the leading companies in the printing industry and noted for its innovative solutions, announces the launching of a line of distinctive letterpress printed note cards.
The launching will take place Wednesday, September 28th at Holyoke Heritage State Park Visitor’s Center in conjunction with the opening of the Holyoke Manufacturer’s Product Showcase. The showcase will run through October 28th and is open to the public. Designed by owner and artist J. Guy  Gaulin who began his long Graphic Arts career as a letterpress printer when the craft flourished, and whose devotion to craftsmanship never wavered, these note cards are aimed at the market created by the renaissance of letterpress printing. New art forms have emerged in the computer age that when combined with old crafts such as letterpress printing result in new and exciting objects whose beauty and elegance are prized. These letterpressed note cards are an example of this novel art. They will be produced by Hitchcock Press on its premises under the direct supervision of J. Guy Gaulin. They will be available in upscale stores and on hitchcockpress.com.
The first group of note cards is exquisitely letterpressed in black and three values of gray ink. It features Gaulin’s unique designs of bold sailing scenes and of finely detailed series of old barns, trees, and nautical scenes. These note cards are printed in four separate passes through the press, one for each color value. The second group is a series of grasses letterpress printed in three colors of ink in a simple and earthy theme, also designed by Gaulin. All note cards are printed on finest quality archival paper. In this initial launch prestigious Montval mould made paper is used. Hitchcock Press plans to expand these lines and expects they will be bought as gifts, informal notes, framed art, and collectables.
When offset lithography replaced letterpress printing as the common method of reproduction in the 1950’s only a limited number of dedicated individuals pursued letterpress. It basically became a niche where note cards, greeting cards, invitations, stationery, name cards, limited edition books, and a few other items were produced in small quantities. Those persevering and innovative individuals who meticulously and tediously crafted their work through those long years, and the enlightened buyers who acquired those items are largely responsible for the preservation of letterpress printing and its transformation into an integral part of a new art form. The impression left on paper by letterpress becomes part of the art rather than merely its reproduction. This unique art is created through a partnership of the artist and the printer, literally using a one and a half ton paint brush. Much of the successful art printed by letterpress is specifically designed for it and showcases the unique beauty that only it, and no other method, is capable of achieving. This quality can be felt as well as seen. An internet search of “letterpress printing” will yield many fine examples of that art.
J. Guy Gaulin’s unique art and superb craftsmanship have positioned Hitchcock Press for success in this exciting new venture. He takes great satisfaction in having come full circle and back to his roots and he is completely dedicated to his new art. This new line of letterpressed note cards will be sold in upscale stores as well as the company’s web site, hitchcockpress.com