ABOUT US: Offset printers to 28" x 40"; our fine letterpress printing, up to 18" x 28", ranges from business cards to upscale wedding invitations


Hitchcock Press, a leader among letterpress printers had its beginning in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1884 when The German American Publishing Company was founded. It published the "New England Rundschau" an independent newspaper, and was located on 460 Main St in Holyoke Massachusetts, "The Paper City". In 1888 the company was renamed The German American Printing Company with Charles Kraft and Jacques Wisly as owners; as of 1900 Jacques Wisly was listed as sole owner. Jacques and his wife Rosa had immigrated to the United States in 1885. they had 2 children: Victor and Regina. By 1916 Jacques had moved the company to 78 Hitchcock St. Besides publishing the "New England Runschau" the company published several other newspapers. They also engraved and letterpress printed letterheads, billheads and labels. In 1921 the company became the Wisly Lithograph and Printing Company. In 1934 when Jacques's son and daughter Victor Wisly and Regina Brooks became co-owners the business was renamed the Wisly-Brooks Company. Most of their work was letterpress printing using hand set type, electrotype and photo engraved plates. They were also known for their lithographic printing where heavy litho stones were used. Those stones were hand engraved and fine details were possible, limited only by the skill of the engraver. In 1956 the company was purchased by David Kornetsky who gave it its present name, Hitchcock Press.

In 1971, J. Guy Gaulin purchased the business. He brought substantial offset and letterpress printing experience to the business; as well as high standards of quality and service. Those standards have remained the keystone of the organization's philosophy. Today Hitchcock Press, under the management of Guy's daughter Deanna Gaulin, produces high quality sheet-fed offset and "Fine Letterpress" printing with emphasis on unique solutions for our customers. Our offset printing ranges from one-color to four-color process printing with sizes up to 28"x40".

Letterpress is where Hitchcock Press distinguishes itself. Guy remains actively involved and that area of the business is growing steadily. Guy began his long Graphic Arts career as a letterpress printer when the craft flourished. Over the years his devotion to craftsmanship never wavered. Our letterpress printers have been trained personally by Guy to his high standard of craftsmanship and are among the finest letterpress printers around. Our letterpress printing equipment is the best available, with sizes up to 18"x28". The precise registration of our presses allows for the printing of work in as many colors as desired. The efficient layout of our letterpress area insures a smooth operation. Today award winning Hitchcock Press is noted for the quality of its letterpress printing; a quality that is unsurpassed among letterpress printers. Here, elegant letterpress printed wedding invitations, business cards and stationery, note cards and prints, and other exquisitely letterpressed items are crafted for our discerning clients. We work with the finest designers around the country and abroad to letterpress their unique designs.

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