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18/6-09 at 12.58 by: Guy
Antigua, the Caribbean (7) April 17-24 2009

Captain Earl:

When you first meet Captain Earl he most likely will be wearing a "Born to be bad" teeshirt; and that sets the tone. A very talented individual, and a sailor with considerable skills; Captain Earl is one of the most colorful sailors it has been my good fortune to meet. While I have known him only briefly, his hell-bent-to-have-fun attitude and exuberance will likely have a lasting impression.

It was my pleasure to be part of a crew that sailed a day with Captain Earl....sailing with gusto best describes that day, although a bit of an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As can be seen in this photo he is also quite photogenic. My first thought for a caption was; and remains, "I'll have your head by George"... and the gentleman's head that Captain Earl is bellowing over belongs to...George, of course.




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