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12/6-09 at 09.45 by: Guy
Antigua, the Caribbean (6) April 17-24 2009

Today's digital cameras are wondrous picture machines. If you have been around a while, or quite a while as I have, you may remember that taking pictures was at one time done mainly by using a kodak; a little black box with a lens about half the size of your small fingernail. It took black and white photos. Very simple...but, pictures they took.

Today, camera choices are so numerous as to be overwhelming...their capability and capacity are almost limitless. My choice for years has been Single Lens Reflex,Canon mainly. Now the digital age has transformed photography. Today I own a couple of digitals; a Canon EOS, coupled to a fine zoom lens, being my main camera.

For this week's Blog I chose a photograph of English Harbor taken from Shirley Heights, Antigua, in April this year. I am showing two versions of the photograph, first the original untouched, and second the final cropped and lightly photoshopped. I always crop my photos but I am very reserved when it comes to enhancements. This scene was shot under overcast conditions so a little help was permissible.

What I saw in the viewfinder was three possibilities and I opted to keep the shot zoomed out to include all three but favored the second option...then waited for the main subject to glide to the favored position. I make it a practice to always be a bit zoomed out to allow more cropping options. Cropping resulted in the second version: "Tallship passing in review". I am quite pleased with it.

Original Photo.

"Tallship passing in review", Cropped and Photoshopped.


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