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26/5-09 at 15.26 by: Guy
Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations Abbey (7) 5-21-09

At today's meeting Abbey introduced us to her friend Stacy Moorehead who will be the Maid of Honor at her wedding. She also brought "Lucy" who is by now familiar and comfortable with the routine...she even likes the smell of printing ink on my hands; our inks are vegetable based of course.

I emphasized the fact that we are now fast approaching our deadline. Working with Abbey has been so very pleasant that the weeks have slipped by quickly. Jennifer Gaulin, our prepress person who has been working in the background, is now front and center.

Jen and I had created several versions of the invitations, reply cards and reception cards from Abbey's sketches and drawings. They combined the pen and ink drawings and the copy set in a few different appropriate fonts. I was very pleased with some of them; they were simple, clean, and I thought reflected Abbey's original desires. They were to be printed in black ink.

Meanwhile Abbey was considering adding a border, in a light color, to the wedding invitation; she had a print out of a sample from the internet. We discussed that and eventually voted it out.

While it might have been a nice touch I felt pretty strongly that the border would not add to our design. In addition it would require the added cost of an extra plate and the printing of that extra color. I think her father will also like that decision. On the other hand, we added a thank you card and a gift label to the invitation package.

Since we will be printing this invitation package letterpress on our 18" x 23" Heidelberg KSBA, all the items will be printed together, ganged up, on one sheet. Then they will be cut apart. I waited through six whole episodes before mentioning where the peanut butter and jelly meets the bread but I can wait no longer... so here it is:

I acquired our Heidelberg KSBA cylinder letterpress about six months ago after looking for one extensively for over five years. The manufacturing of letterpresses ended around 30 years ago so only used letterpresses are available today. I feel very fortunate to have found this one owner showroom quality press. It is my pride and joy.

Years ago, as a letterpressman, I ran many different letterpresses. Among them was a KSBA and in my judgment no other printing press, absolutely none, holds a candle to this machine...a PRINTER's machine, in my opinion. No wonder it is called the Rolls Royce of letterpresses. In skilled hands it is awesome.

When we print Abbey's invitation package on our KSBA we will schedule it so that she can be here to watch while we print them. I think she will like that.




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