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19/5-09 at 15.01 by: Guy
Antigua, the Caribbean (4) April 17-24 2009

Flowers add significantly to the pleasures of travel. I feel rewarded when I am able to complement a series of travel images with photographs of native flowers. They can be found everywhere. Doing enough photography for a long enough time helps train the eye to see details that otherwise might remain unseen, thereby greatly enriching one's experience.

I saw this wild flower for the first time at Shirley Heights in Antigua this year, and it intrigued me. Its' foliage resembles our native thistle's foliage but is more tender. Its' yellow flower with a rust colored stigma and orange stamen is very delicate. I found the plant quite seductive.

While everyone else enjoyed photographing the beautiful panoramic views of Falmouth Bay and English Harbor spread below our Shirley Heights vantage point I was on my knees shooting this plant. I am sure I looked silly... but I got the image.

I do not know the name of this flower. If one of the readers knows its name I would appreciate learning it. Please post the name in the comment section.


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