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18/5-09 at 10.27 by: Guy
Letterpress Printed Hang Tags-Clutch Bags, Laura E. Dotolo, 5-14-09

Laura E. Dotolo is a talented NYC Fashion Stylist. In addition to her work as a successful stylist, she designs, owns and operates Clutch Bags, a growing line of clean, classic, and utilitarian ladies' hand bags. Her product is totally manufactured in the USA and presently sells in the US, Canada, and in Europe. She is now expanding in Japan and plans further expansion in the future.

This week's blog covers a second letterpress printing of her hang tags with a subtle change of a light color. The color change was a solid area to be overprinted with type and a border. I wanted to have heavy ink coverage and heavy impression as I had done previously to insure a rich letterpress effect on the textured stock. We mix our letterpress inks as opaque as feasible.

The stock is natural white, a cream color, and as a result the light color ink will be changed by the paper color. PMS specifications of a light color will not print to that specification. Laying a base of white ink was not an option on this job. The letterpress printing of the hang tags is to be done on our Heidelberg KSBA and that will assure the best possible result.

Laura lived in NY's SOHO district for several years and recently moved to the Wall Street district. Laura has great taste and she is very precise in her expectations. She is also a very special friend of mine. Hence my insistence that she visit and do a press OK. Her visit turned out to be most pleasant and insured a successful letterpress run.

The photographer for this visit was Jennifer Gaulin, our prepress person. Thank you Jen. I hope you all enjoy this blog.

Laura's web site:

The hang tag's first run:



Inking up. This will be fun...RIGHT?


All right your stuff.


Needs a tad more ink!!!


All right Laura...your turn.


The OK-Good job: PERFECT


Can we do it again?


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