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11/5-09 at 11.58 by: Guy
Antigua, the Caribbean (3) April 17-24 2009

I think one of the best ways to begin a wonderful day is with a sunrise. When sailing with people I like it is a must for me. Sailing offers unusual opportunities to experience outstanding sunrises...but you have to get up early.

At home, I am in the habit of waking early...rolling over; and going back to sleep. When I sail I like a forward cabin, and modern sailboats have at least one hatch above the forward bunk, or bunks, and it is kept open at night. By the way, you instantly know when a shower occurs, and they frequently do in warm southern climates.

When I sail all I need do to find out if a sunrise is worth seeing is pop my head through the hatch, enjoy it if it is there...or go back to sleep if it is not there. Last year on the St Vincent sail I chartered a 45' Beneteau that had 4 cabins, 2 forward and 2 aft. I was fortunate to have a great companion who occupied the second forward cabin and we enjoyed many sunrises together, relaxed conversation comes easy at that time of day.

If star gazing is your fancy, as it is mine, you do it too...but earlier. Offshore, under good sailing conditions, on dark cloudless nights the sky becomes absolutely spectacular: Awesome; unforgettable. Add the sounds of sailing; the wind, the sea, water slipping by the hull. It is communing with nature on a grand scale.

The sunrise in this week's blog was taken from the front door of my room on my first morning in Antigua. I really did not want to get up...but I did anyway; peeked out the door... nobody around. The timing was right. Two minutes later I was back in bed knowing that, even if not one of my best photos, I had an Antigua sunrise.


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