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Hitchcock Press, a leader among letterpress printers, is located in Holyoke, “The Paper City” in Western Massachusetts. Owner and artist J. Guy Gaulin began his long Graphic Arts career when letterpress printing flourished. Passion for his work and his unwavering dedication to craftsmanship spans over half a century. Hitchcock Press is noted for its innovative solutions and its letterpress printed work is among the finest available. At the forefront of “The Letterpress Printing Renaissance”, J. Guy Gaulin’s note card and print designs were specifically created for letterpress printing. They are a fine example of “The Art of Letterpress Printing”.

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 Letterpress Printed Note Cards
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These fine art note cards showcase the unique quality attained by the impression left on paper by letterpress printing, a quality that cannot be achieved by any other printing method. The note cards are exquisitely letterpressed; the gray card series in black and three values of gray ink, the grass card series in three colors of ink.

Grass Cards        Barn Cards        Nautical Cards        Sail Cards        Tree Cards


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